Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daughtry Review by GW

You probably already knew this (although, I haven't seen the post), but Chris Daughtry's album is finally out. Titled simply: Daughtry. Listening online now, sounds pretty good. What you would expect.

One interesting note. The AbsentElement song, "Conviction", seems to be on the album. But, now it's called "Breakdown", and the chorus has different words. Interesting. AE's version is much better.

Thanks to junior editor GW for the review.


Fantasia Basler said...

I bought it hoping it would be a more polished version of the kinds of songs on the Absent Element EP. It's not. It's basically pop country songs played with crunchier guitars. A few songs are actual rock songs, but most are very American Idol-ized. I was disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Well you are entilted to your own opinion. I dont know where u see country in this. And btw chris sold 304 000 albums his very first week so what does that say ? hmmmm i wonder!