Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tenacious D a Solid B

My fears were unfounded. The D came through! Not the Hollywood sellout that I feared, The Pick of Destiny is a solid effort that should please those both familiar and unfamiliar with the original HBO series from the late 90's.

POD is equal parts old school D and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. No movie that I have seen in recent memory has a better chance to achieve cult status than Pick. Appropriately, Meatloaf starts off the show with a memorable musical performance. Also noteworthy is Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl's performance as the Prince of Darkness.

Sasquatch, Lee, Paul F. "The Announcer Guy" Thompkins and many other old favorites make appearances throughout the movie. I am sure that upon repeated watchings, I will catch more references to the series.

The songs rocked, the origins of The D were revealed, and hopefully the movie will do well enough to spawn a sequel.

Dolf's Grade: B+

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