Friday, November 17, 2006

Vanished Vanished?

[11/21/2006 - UPDATE] From the articles I have stumbled across, it looks like the story will at least be resolved for those who decide to sit through 4 hours of web video! Check out this story on USA Today. [/UPDATE]

If you are looking for Vanished tonight on Fox, you are out of luck. The show has been cancelled. The remaining four episodes will be broadcast on MySpace??? Booooo!

I think it's crap that Fox doesn't at least give their loyal viewers a marathon wrap up of the series on FX! C'mon!
The remaining four episodes will stream on the VANISHED myspace page, with a new episode posted every Friday at 12:01 PT, beginning Nov. 17th. Three episodes will be kept up at a time. The series finale will be posted online on Friday, December 8th.

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