Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Halo 3 Trailer

A great trailer for Halo 3 courtesy of Michael J. Basler. Watch it now!


MattyP said...

Are you going to go 360 for H3?

Dolf said...

i am guessing that is the only platform it will be available on.

MattyP said...

Really??? I know Microsoft would like everyone to upgrade to a 360, but not offering the latest installment of their most popular (and profitable) title to their core Xbox users just doesn't sound smart to me.

Kinda like Sony raising the price of the PS3 by $200 just to get a blu-ray drive out there to users who don't want it.

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Dolf said...

Matty2theP, The official Halo 3 site seems to strongly indicate that it is a 360-only game.

What better way to get people to buy a 360? Halo 3 is the ultimate "killer app" and will undoubtedly cause a huge spike of 360 purchases.

Wrecking Machine said...

It will be a good way for me to rent an XBOX 360 for one weekend, find a crazy friend, and blow our ways through the Co Op Story Mode for 9 hours straight whilst ignoring all other facets of our lives.

Since I don't live in a fraternity house anymore, I need to find a friend willing to do this.