Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Smokey For You!

All I can say is thank God I quit smoking three years ago! Today would be a very miserable day for me otherwise! The building manager at Kenwood Towers just sent out a memo relegating smokers to a couple of exposed ends of the parking garage. How ironic. It's a miserably snowy and icy day today!
Ohio voters passed Issue 5 on Nov. 7, 2006, creating Ohio’s indoor smoking ban under a new chapter of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) effective Dec. 7, 2006. This new law requires “public places” and “places of employment” prohibit smoking as of that date. These business and organizations must also post “No Smoking” signs that contain the telephone number 1-866-559-OHIO (6446) for reporting violations; and remove ashtrays and other smoking receptacles. Read more...

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Anonymous said...

at a place of business, just how far away from a business can you stand outside and smoke or how far away from the delivery doors or door entrances must you be to smoke. even if the employer says you can just stand outside.


Dolf said...

No idea yet... I will let you know when I come across that info. It could be up to the discretion of the individual business. But I am not sure.

At my building, the two designated area are probably a couple hundred feet away from the doors.

Wrecking Machine said...

I believe the rule is:

1) We don't know.
2) If there is something solid over your head, you can't smoke there.
3) You must be some unspecified distance away from a door or else.
4) If you see one of those signs, don't smoke next to it.

Anonymous said...


I've been looking all over for those new COMPLIANT no smoking signs! Now that I can contact GERRY BELUAN of INSIGNIA SIGNAGE & DISPLAYS (the premier signage & display design house in the tri-state @ 513.807.4016 or via email I won't have to worry about being thrown into the pokey for being non-compliant!!! I'm much too delicate to think I'd survive even the shortest stint in the clink.

So thanks, DZ, for perhaps the most valuable post in the history of blogs.

...and thanks GERRY BELUAN of INSIGNIA SIGNAGE & DISPLAYS for making our lives a little less smokey by making available COMPLIANT SIGNS that ban smoking in Ohio public places.

I'd better hurry now and call GERRY BELUAN of INSIGNIA SIGNAGE & DISPLAYS at 513.807.4016 then follow with an email to just to confirm my order of COMPLIANT SIGNS that ban smoking in Ohio public places.

The hoosgow can wait!

Dolf said...

anonymous, You are like school in summer... No class...

That being said, I would like to order the biggest "No Smoking" sign you produce and have it mailed to:

The Wrecking Machine
Owensboro (or one of those other East BF areas) , OH

Wrecking Machine said...

At least you didn't order it COD.