Tuesday, December 05, 2006

NYC Health Board Votes to Ban Trans Fats

I know many of you will disagree, but I think this is a good thing. From what I have read, trans fats are perhaps slightly safer than cyanide! I believe that better alternatives exist that don't add much to the cost of a product. I am more than willing to pay a few additional cents to not have to worry about trans fat content.

Is the government overstepping its bounds? Perhaps... But I believe the ends justify the means in cases like this.
NEW YORK - The Board of Health voted Tuesday to make New York the nation's first city to ban artery-clogging artificial trans fats at restaurants — from the corner pizzeria to high-end bakeries.

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Patrick Henry-Basler said...

you are dead wrong about this. having the government babysit its citizens is a very bad idea. are they banning lard? lard is probably worse than trans fats. and what about artificial colors? aspartame? when are they going to ban margarine in supermarkets? what about bleached white flour? what about limiting the number of hours a tv can be on in someone's house? after all, couch potatoes have more health problems.

the government has no business telling people what they *have* to eat or not eat. it astonishes me that more people aren't bothered by news like this.

Wrecking Machine said...

*Sorry to all 3 people who read this site if this posts twice.*

I concur with Basler.

You know, sugar is like poison to diabetics. Ban it.

My wife has allergic reactions to Vitamin C. Ban it.

Aspirin is easily abused and kills people every year. Ban it. They banned ephedra and many many less people EVER died from using it than die from aspirin in 1 year!

The fact that good citizens who disagree with the policy also say 'well, if the ends justify the means...' means this will just keep going. Whatever happened to personal choice? Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Why is no one responsible for their own actions these days?

You know, you can ban trans fats the day you show me concrete, indisuputable evidence that they are going to kill me. Current research is inconclusive: some studies show trans fats to be evil, some show no effect.


You ever wonder why certain diets work for certain people but not others? Because they have different bodies! What works for you may not work for me and vice versa.

New York City and Los Angeles need to wake the fuck up and stop letting their governments rule their lives. As the biggest cities in the country, whatever they do, we get eventually, and I'm getting pissed about this.

gw said...

give me Lard, or give me death! Well, maybe both.

Generally, I agree, less government is better. But, I have heard that this stuff really is a killer. I think to really have a strong opinion, we need more facts. Exactly how bad is trans fats. Lets learn the facts before we begin predicting the end of society.

I believe this stuff doesn't really improve the taste, it just increases the shelf life of their products.


I think this falls more in line with banning asbestos, lead paint, etc...

Like I said, I'm generally against government legislating our safety. (I'm against smoking bans, seat belt laws, helmet laws, etc...) But, I think some exceptions exist. This could be one of those.

Dolf said...

I think GW summed up the situation perfectly. I liken trans fats more to asbestos rather than sugar or processed flour.

Let's make up a hypothetical... What if it was discovered that there was a flavoring chemical in cigarettes that made them far more toxic than they needed to be. And for a few pennies more, a replacement could be used. But... The cigarette companies are reluctant to use the safer chemical because they don't want prices to rise. I say tough. I would want the government to mandate the safer chemical be used.

However, I would *not* want the government to tell me that I can no longer smoke at all. Can you see the distinction??

P.S. Click it or ticket bitch!

Wrecking Machine said...

You have a CHOICE as to what you eat. You have a CHOICE as to what you smoke.

If you know that something is bad for you (trans fats, toxic flavoring) AND the company tells you how much is in it (trans fats are required on all food labels, chemical makeups of cigarettes is available) then you are informed enough to decide whether you want to consume that item or not.

Dolf said...

Machine. You are assuming that everyone is as bright, intelligent, and well informed as us.

We have big fat Internet connections and cable TV to keep us well informed. As well as the leisure time to read all the latest news.

There are millions of ignorant people out there who don't know one fat from another.

Trans fats are in everything! It's nearly impossible to avoid them. It's not as simple as "Just don't buy the product!"

Plus, the government is probably trying to cover its own ass since they actually *encouraged* the use of trans fats many years ago as a *safer* alternative to saturated fats!