Monday, January 15, 2007

Dolf Zone Rescinds Recommendation of Sony SXRD - The Green Blob!

Back in September, I gave a glowing review to the Sony 70" SXRD KDS-R70XBR2. However, some owners of Sony's SXRD sets are reporting a problem called the "green blob" and they seem very pissed off about it.

I would reconsider purchasing any Sony SXRD set until these issues are resolved. Here are some links:

Search on "SXRD green blob" for more information.

Always remember to check online user groups and other resources before making any major purchases!

Thanks to junior correspondent Scotty M for the links


DWelson said...

Thanks for this info! I was ready to get a 55" SXRD and stumbled on this. I did further research and I think I will go with a Mitsubishi or Samsung.

Anonymous said...

How can we nail Sony for this. I worked my you know what off to pay for this T.V. They replaced my optical block once and the green blob has come back. they want to replace it with a refurbished unit. For what, to play this game over and over again. The first O.B replaced was suppose to be the model that was revised. I want a television with a different achitecture.

Dolf said...

Sorry to hear about this Jeff! Irony of all ironies, I ended up buying a Sony set. The 60A2020.

The more "computerized" and complex things become, the less reliable... At least that's how it seems.

Go to the and go to rear-projection section and look for your model.

You will probably see stories of people who successfully managed to get a new unit - sometimes a *newer* model.

Post back on your experiences! I definitely have more than a passing interest!