Friday, January 12, 2007

Dolf Zone Weekend Picks

The Dolf Zone Weekend Picks include Alpha Dog, Little Miss Sunshine, The Illusionist, Louis C.K., 24, and 2004's The Grey Album. Click on the images for more information.





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MattyP said...

Alpha Dog? For Real? You a closet JT fan?

Any Dolfzone buzz on Children of Men?

Dolf said...

Don't really care about JT one way or the other as long as he can act!

It's an interesting story, it's true, and it's about a murder that's still being tried today... All of that makes it a Dolf Pick!

Of course, the movie that I am *most* looking forward to is Zodiak!

Again, an interesting story, it's true, it's about a serial killer, AND it's by the director of my favorite movie, Fight Club!