Monday, February 12, 2007

Dolf Zone Weather

Thanks to The Dolf Zone's meteorological intern, Mike D, for the following in-depth forecast for the Greater Cincinnati area...

Well the news channels are battling about the forecast so I wanted to go on record with mine. Here goes (in my best meteorologist lingo):

Light showers of rain or wet snow will begin around 7pm and begin to turn heavier around 8pm tonight. No significant precipitation until later in the night. Winds will be light and variable. A mix of wintry precipitation will begin around midnight tonight. Significant icing of roadways is possible. An inch of ice is expected with intermittent snow totaling 1 - 3 inches by 7am Tuesday morning (that's about 4 inches of total precip). Low will be 31F. Winds will be ENE at 10 to 20 mph.

A mix of winter precipitation will continue Tuesday morning bringing another possible inch of snow and sleet and should give way to a mixture of rain and freezing rain in the afternoon. Temps will be nearly steady in the low 30s most of the day. Winds will be ENE at 15 to 25 mph. Tuesday night will be windy with rain changing to a sleet and snow around 11pm. The low will be 14F which could cause significant freezing and icing of roadways. Winds will be N at 20 to 30 mph.

So that breaks down to this (in layman's terms):
- 7pm - 8pm tonight the stuff starts falling - light at first - getting heavier as it gets later
- 12am (Tuesday morning) snow accumulation begins mixed with ice totaling up to around 4 inches of total (mixed) precipitation by 7am Tuesday morning
- 12pm Tuesday - another inch of snow and sleet has fallen
- 7pm Tuesday - temperatures begin to drop causing significant icing of roadways

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Wrecking Machine said...

In short:

Ice will entomb us all!!!!

JD said...

And Dolf will freak out!!! Hope you are surviving the snow/ice storm! :)

Dolf said...

I sent the following email to a certain high ranking individual who questioned my integrity when I elected to work from home yesterday... And yes, I am also working from home today.


Throughout history, great men have had to step up and make tough (and sometimes unpopular) decisions. These great men steadfastly follow their visions and instincts, even in the face of ridicule and torment.

Am I such a man? Yes. Am I a hero? Probably... But history shall prove to be my ultimate judge and jury.

I remain,