Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Car!

I submit the following photo of my ice-encrusted car to all of the haters who have questioned my brave decision to work from home the past two days because of the treacherous Cincinnati weather.

Throughout history, great men have had to step up and make tough (and sometimes unpopular) decisions. These great men steadfastly follow their visions and instincts, even in the face of ridicule and torment.

Am I such a man? Yes. Am I a hero? Probably... But history shall prove to be my ultimate judge and jury.

I remain,


Wrecking Machine said...

I've worked from home the past two days as well. There is a large tree (probably 100 ft tall) not 50 ft from my house that dropped about 20 large branches.

"Let no one who does not live east of the 275 loop criticize those who do and choose not to brave the crappy ass roads."

- Machine, 2007

MattyP said...

I thought you drove a Hummer?

Dolf said...


Although I am opposed to big, stupid SUVs in principle, I would probably buy a Hummer H1 right now if I had the $$$.

As I find myself surrounded by SUVs, CUVs, XUVs, minivans, Ford F150-450s and other mammoth pickup trucks, I realize that you need a tank-like vehicle to survive. I have talked about it before, it's called Crash Incompatibility.

Also, I have finally added 30 Rock to the DZ lineup. Another solid MP pick! I am going to showcase it soon.

Dolf said...

Be careful Machine! You are too valuable to lose!!! Power to the stay-at-home brothers...