Friday, March 23, 2007

Dolf Zone Pick / TV Junkie

If you have HBO, I highly recommend the amazing documentary, TV Junkie. It is agonizing (yet somehow entertaining) to watch this guy's descent into a crack-addicted hell. Watch it!
This 2006 Sundance Film Festival winner is a striking video diary of Rick Kirkham, a 48-year old television journalist who at first appears to be living a charmed life. After rising quickly through the ranks from local TV news to a gig as a national correspondent for Inside Edition, Kirkham spends weekdays in New York and weekends in Dallas with his wife and their two sons. But all is not as it seems: While covering drug raids as a TV reporter, Kirkham gets introduced to drugs and later becomes addicted to crack cocaine. Kirkham, who has documented virtually every facet of his life since he got his first video camera at age 14, brings his reporting instincts to bear on both the sunny and tragic aspects of his own life. More...


Anonymous said...

How is it that the self-proclaimed "World's Biggest Jack Black Fan" hasn't posted anything on the show he's executive producing that airs tonight on VH-1 @ 10 PM?
Methinks this one slipped by the goalie.
I'd like to give a shout out to my Co-World's Biggest Jack Black Fan: Hey, Gooooch!

Sanjaya Basler said...

Somebody's waiting until another whole week has passed to he can comment on Idol without having to reference his boneheaded prediction!!