Friday, March 16, 2007

Stupid Video Friday

The Sony PS3 has not been the raging success that Sony anticipated. Whether it is its high price, poor marketing, or its many supply problems, the PS3 is having a tough time against the Wii and XBox 360.

Many people think that it was Sony's dreadful E3 press conference that started the whole mess! You be the judge. And don't forget... attack its weak point for massive damage!!!

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Ken Kutaragi Basler said...

I think most consumers just aren't that interested in high-def movies. Plenty of people (like Dolf!!!) aren't big enough technophiles to care much about high-def TVs, and nobody wants to have to re-buy all the DVDs they've acquired over the years. And I've seen only one PS3 game that I want to play (Resistance).

I think both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD may prove less than successful now that so many video download sources are coming online. I can already download some high-def movies via Xbox Live.