Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good News for Filthy Smokers!

Although I haven't smoked in over three years, I still have a soft spot in my heart for those filthy animals who continue to indulge. It's kind of like a fraternity. I will always feel like a smoker.

Nonetheless, I occasionally run across reports about the health benefits of smoking. Here is the most recent:
Smoking and Caffeine Inversely Associated with Parkinson's - DURHAM, N.C, April 9 -- There is more credibility to the curious finding that patients who develop Parkinson's disease are more likely to be non-smokers and sparing in their consumption of caffeine. Read full story.


Wrecking Machine said...

Dear people who perform studies:

No shit smoking (nicotine) and caffiene, two stimulants to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, help to prevent Parkinson's, a NEUROLOGICAL disorder. Way to blow your grant money.

I swear, scientists do this all the time. Eggs are bad, eggs are good; milk is good, milk is bad, milk is good; coffee is bad, coffee is good; wine is good, wine is bad, wine is fantastic.

To smoking. Smoking used to be a sign of a sophisticated man. Put on your monocle and top hat and strike up your pipe with some conversation.

Then, smoking became bad: gasp! it causes lung cancer (so does car exhaust); faint! it causes increased blood pressure (so does the stress of everyday life); OMG! it causes decreased circulation (so does being obese).

Then, cigarette companies became evil because they apparently knew all of this and LIED ABOUT IT! OH NO! I mean, they're supposed to be a COMPANY, not politicians that we elect.

Somehow, at the end of it all, the smokers themselves became evil. You sons of bitches out there who call drug addiction and alcoholism 'diseases' still glare and rabble about smokers.

The point of this post is to say that everything is good for you and everything is bad for you to some extent. Who knew? Oh yeah, people who don't chase fads.

Simon Cowell Basler said...

Coward! You've given up on the Idol commentary because of your humiliating prediction!!

Dolf said...

Safety vs Freedom is one of the most difficult things to debate.

The only thing more difficult is predicting a winner from this year's bunch of mediocre Idol contestants...