Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cincinnati's Time Warner Cable Says Screw You To It's Customers

After ruining the finales for Grey's Anatomy, ER, C.S.I. and any other show that was airing on Thursday night at 9:48pm (and up to an hour or more afterwards), Time Warner Cincinnati sent an email to its customers recommending that they watch the finales online! Of course, ER is not available online! And no one that I know wants to watch TV on their computer! Especially the finales!

As an extra "screw you", Time Warner reminded customers that credits are only issued when an outage lasts longer than 24 hours!

Great job Time Warner! Keep up the good work. A perfect example of a monopoly at work.

I will make sure you know how my transition to satellite goes! And if that transition goes well, I will do everything I can to convince as many people to switch. Screw you Time Warner!

Quick Update... I just read another article about "Black Thursday" as I am now calling it. There's an interesting mention of upcoming legislation allowing cable TV competition in Ohio! I will definitely be voting for this!

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