Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sweet "Redemtion"...

GW has left a new comment on your post "Blake Scores! Part II":

If this season of AI has taught us anything, it's that Dolf has a huge man-crush on Blake.

GW, just because I called you out for misspelling redemption doesn't give you the right to rattle the tiger's cage!

If this season has really taught us something, it's that I know music better than most critics and so-called experts. Since I am sure that you remember that I predicted a Blake/Jordin final back on April 18th. I guess I even know more than Simon himself... Get off of my plane!
"If I had to put my money on it now, I would predict a [Melinda Doolittle vs. Jordin Sparks] final," said Cowell on Entertainment Tonight.


GW said...

I think I struck a nerve.

I'm just saying, everyone has a good night on the show occasionally, but you only call it out when your boy Blake does well.

I think it's fair to say, Melinda and Jordin are the better singers. Blake knows his "pop" wheelhouse and stays in it. I also think he benefits being the only guy left. He gets all of the googly-eyed 12 year old girls phone calls - something that I think benefited Kathrine last year (only girl left in top 4).

This message has been spell-checked for your approval.

Sligh and the Family Basler said...

We should never doubt Dolf's prognosticative powers. Chris Sligh did, and look what happened to him!

Dolf said...

And I stand by that prediction, Basler!

If that fat dummy would have played it properly, he would be competing for the title next week!

Instead, he picked a couple crap songs and decided to show off his hot wife.

If I could have been his mentor and taken him under my wing, things would have gone much better for him.