Friday, May 18, 2007

Time Warner Cable Ruins Big Finales For Cincinnati!

My close friends can only imagine my reaction on Thursday night as I was watching the finale of C.S.I. and the f*cking cable went out with 14 minutes to go! Not only was C.S.I. ruined, but the ER finale as well!

Why am I paying $100 a month for this! Maybe it's time to give satellite a try. Cincinnati Bell is offering DirectTV bundle deals that look pretty tempting right now. Far more channels for far less money...

Thanks Time Warner Cable for ruining my night! What are you going to do about it???

(There is a less hate-filled analysis of this story at The Cincinnati Enquirer.)


Chris said...

I learned my lesson in Seattle with the big windstorm. Cable companies don't see themselves as public utilities--they're in the business of providing entertainment, and that's not a priority (ergo, a very good reason to not get phone through the cable company). On the other hand, even the Baby Bells are utility companies and are held to high standards for service provision. IMHO, you can't go wrong with the satellite, especially if you spring for the bigger dish (designed to get through tree branches, and which will usually receive signal through strong thunderstorms).

After the windstorm, telephones and DSL were up within hours or days (depending on how badly mangled the utility poles were). Cable always lagged behind electricity.

MattyP said...

ER Finale: the monkey dies.

GW said...

For what it's worth, my opinion on the satellite/cable debate. We're cable customers (Insight - file this blog entry into the ever growing list of reasons to be in KY).

We had DTV for a couple of years about 5 years ago - ok I was blatantly stealing it.

I'm a STRONG cable supporter now for the following reasons:
1) having our signal go out during a rain or snowstorm was unacceptable to me. Happened once during a UK game, and I vowed to never rely on satellite again.
2) cable can be split easily as much as you want. We've got cable split to like 8 rooms in our house (including the back porch) and everyone can watch what they want independant of each other - without "receivers". Granted, we don't have TV's in all of those rooms, but someday we might (kids rooms, etc...)
3) local programming. There are some local events that are only available on cable channels. The occasional high school sports game, some UK games, etc...
4) integration with local channels was cumbersome. Maybe it's better now, but using a seperate antenna to get local (and local HD) is frustrating.

You definately had a bad experience here, that sucks. But, I say give it another try.

Wrecking Machine said...

First, the CSI finale was a cliffhanger. Much like Criminal Minds was last year. CBS = douchebags.

Second, satellite is the way to go. The Cinci Bell bundles are damn good, plus the bundled price doesn't go up too much at the end of the year (or whatever it is now.) Plus, depending on what the cable company is doing at the time, you can probably negotiate to near-introductory price at the end of the term.

Couple things to GW's comments:

1) Doesn't happen anymore. Perhaps if you live in the woods, but not likely. Our satellite was encased in ice pointing through trees encased in ice; we were staying warm watching TV. This has come a long way.

2) True.

3) There are so many sports channels on DTV, I can't imagine not finding what you want unless it's on a specialty local cable-only channel. 90% of people don't need/watch/know these exist.

4) Come a long way. By default, you get local channels on your satellite in the basic package now. I have never used an antenna since getting the DTV.

Extra points:

1) Sports fan? DTV is the only place for the "Season Ticket" programs, like NFL Sunday Ticket, NASCAR Pit Pass, MLB Hot Pass, etc. Granted, they are expensive, and the only one worth it is NFL (because the other leagues suck), but if you like sports, this is the place to go. However, Congress may break this up soon.

2) If you already have the lifetime Tivo service, do your best to get some DTV Tivo receivers. I don't think DTV provides these anymore, and their own DVR boxes, while ok, still need a little work.

GW said...

agree on the Sunday Ticket - that almost outweights all of my other issues by itself. Almost.

I've called Insight about getting this numerous times, and they swear that someday they'll be able to offer it. As long as the Bengals remain "good", I can handle not having all of the games. If they go back to 2-14 I might need to get it back (I had it back when we were "borrowing" DTV).