Sunday, June 03, 2007

I, Robot

Yes, by posting this video I am admitting that I watch Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. It has been a dirty, filthy secret of mine for the past two years. But I feel better now after confessing. Cleansed.

The new season started last week. This is my favorite routine thus far. Check it.


Wrecking Machine said...

Now that you seem to be living again, I thought I should tell you that The Departed is movie that deserves Best Picture. Good stuff.

Plus: The Robot, while cool as hell to watch if done properly, will not get anyone a big gig. At this point in time, it is more of a party gag. For more impressive Robot-like dancing, check out the Rubber Man. Search YouTube. I'm sure you'll find it.

Dolf said...

Actually I was on vacation in Hilton Head. But I didn't want to announce the fact to potential criminals who might break in to my house and steal my goodies.

And you are kind of wrong on the power of the robot. Although his disabilities prevent him from dancing any other way (thus not moving forward in the competition) one of the judges said he will use him in an upcoming movie and allow him to be "featured".

The only other dance I find more compelling than the robot is Chris Elliot's "Alley Cat" dance routine.

Dolf said...

BTW... I also thought "The Departed" was really good. Has there ever been a movie with more people shot in the head at close range? Awesome!