Monday, June 18, 2007

Stupid Video Monday

I have actually never paid proper respect to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and his creator Robert Smigel. If creating and maintaining this blog was my full time job (I am still waiting for a grant from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or some other billionaire that will allow me to do this.), I would have never made such a major oversight.

Check out Triumph at The Tonys last week. It's one great (and nasty) one-liner after another. I have often mentioned (with arrogant pride) how difficult it is to make me laugh. Triumph had me on the floor in mere seconds. Watch it!

Thanks to assistant to the junior intern, GB, for the link.


Wrecking Machine said...

The best Triumph is still when he went after all the Star Wars nerds. Coming in a close second is the Bon Jovi concert.

GW said...

Agree on the Star Wars comment, that was the greatest.

This was still damn funny though. How do you get 2 old women to french kiss? amazing.