Monday, July 23, 2007

Dolf Zone Pick / Sicko

Michael Moore is back in excellent form with his latest joint Sicko. After suffering a slight lapse with Fahrenheit 911, Sicko gets back to what Moore does best. Where Fahrenheit got boggled down in endless facts (I felt like I needed Microsoft Visio to keep track of things.) Sicko keeps it simple, emotional and entertaining. If you don't feel at least a little outrage over some of these stories then you are probably the CEO of a health insurance company.

Dolf's Grade: A-

Ocean's Twelve is a convoluted mess of a story with a couple cool scenes. It is much too pretentious and in-jokey... And definitely not as clever as it thinks it is. Kind of like me!

Dolf's Grade: C-


Wrecking Machine said...

You don't necessarily have to feel any outrage over anything in a Michael Moore movie. It has been well documented that entire portions of his "documentaries" are fictional. He makes them up to make his "point", which is:

The government is doing too much.
The government isn't doing enough.
The government needs to take your rights away.
How dare the government take your rights away.

Dolf said...

I am not sure how accurate Moore's movie's are but I like them. I am sure he exaggerates in the name of entertainment but the essential facts remain true.

The WTC volunteers featured in Sicko got COMPLETELY screwed. If not by the health insurance companies, then by all of the charities that collected billions of dollars in the name of 911. And if not by the charities, then by the government which used taxpayer money to help the victims. I am sure most of that money somehow found its way to Halliburton.

Also, I thought it was a nice touch that Moore skewered Hillary Clinton - a liberal! He revealed how Clinton once championed a national health care system and now is silent on the issue after being bought off by the health insurance companies. For me, this goes a long way to prove Moore's even-handedness in doling out criticism.