Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dolf Zone Pick / Silverchair

Yes, Silverchair... Over the past year I have really gotten into this band. Like most people, my first exposure to the young Australians came in 1995 with the grunge hit "Tomorrow". What was so impressive about this catchy song was that it was written and performed by 14 year olds!

Nonetheless, last year I decided to load up my iPod with singles from the band's four albums and see what they've been up to. From the infinitely catchy riff anchoring "Freak" to the anguished pleas of "Miss You Love", I was quite impressed with the band's progress over the past decade. The tunes have been a staple of my mixes and play lists ever since.

I was very happy to hear that Silverchair has a new CD titled Young Modern coming out today. The first single "Straight Lines" is quite a departure from the band's early Nirvana-like efforts. However the track still retains Silverchair's trademark catchiness and complexity. I look forward to hearing more.

Flashback... The band's breakout single "Tomorrow" from 1995.

Check out YouTube and search for these singles if you want to hear some more Chair!

• "Freak"
• "Abuse Me"
• "Cemetery"
• "Anthem for the Year 2000"
• "Ana's Song (Open Fire)"
• "Miss You Love"
• "Without You"


Wrecking Machine said...

Israel's Son is the best Silverchair song, and no one has heard it or ever mentions it.

Dolf said...

Thanks Machine. You can listen/watch "Israel's Son" (as usual) on YouTube.