Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Additions...

A2020 decided he needed siblings. So we have three more bundles of joy at the Dolf Zone house. I will keep you posted on how well everyone gets along.

Tivo HD

VS74962 TV Stand

Terk HDTVa Antenna


MattyP said...

So the Terk is for getting HD Over the Air and I assume that's going into the HD Tivo.

What about cable? I assume the HD Tivo has slots for cable cards? Are you going that route? Our Comcast DVR has been craptastic as of late so I've been considering the HD Tivo option.

Do you have a HD DVD plan in place yet?

Let us know how everything goes!

Dolf said...

You are correct.

However, I am also getting a multi-stream CableCard put into the Tivo. It allows dual tuning with only one card.

The Tivo HD allows you to have both a cable source and an antennae source hooked up together.

As for HD-DVD, I am too scared to pick one right now. If I pick the wrong platform, I look like a moron!

The HD-DVD players are definitely cheaper than Blu-ray. And many say they are offering cooler features. However, more studios support Blu-ray.

Hopefully around X-mas, the prices will drop more on the players.

The only downside to that is that I have no 1080p source to truly appreciate the fabulosity of my new TV!

gw said...

What is this multi-stream CableCard you speak of? My Series 3 has 2 CableCards (1.99 monthly each) Is this new?

Are you Satellite or Time Warner (I forget).

The TV looks awesome.

Hank Azaria Basler said...

You bought the 8 billion dollar stand??? What a waste...

Saw the Simpsons movie tonight. It was okay, but I can only recall a couple of the lines as I type this. It wasn't worth being a movie.

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Dolf said...

GW, more on M-Card at Time Waner...

only need one card at $2.50 a month. it is more advanced and will allow dual tuners. yada yada yada

MattyP said...

I think I'm going back to DirecTV, they seem to have a ton of HD channels that cable does not: