Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Tivo HD Released!

Finally bowing to industry and public pressure over the $800 price tag of the Series3, Tivo wised up and released the $299 Tivo HD DVR. The specs are mostly superior to the Series3. The only big disappointment is that the eSATA interface is not active yet meaning you can't easily add external storage. However, this is promised for late 2007. Absent from the TIvo HD are the fancy remote (you can buy one at, OLED display, THX certification, and the piano black enclosure.

From the Tivo Community...

Tivo HD Advantages over the $799 Tivo Series3

  • MSRP is $500 less ($299 vs $799)
  • TivoHD has ~7% faster CPU (450 MIPS vs 420 MIPS)
  • TivoHD has twice the system memory (256MB vs 128MB)
  • Supports MCARDs out of the box.
  • Newer QAM/VSB demodulation chips for potentially improved OTA reception.
  • New, dedicated hardware for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 SD->SD and HD->SD transcoding
    • Could allow HD->SD MRV with older Series2 Tivos
    • Could allow TivoToGo and MRV to support content flagged as "copy one generation" (via downres)
    • Could allow Tivo to use TivoToGo and MRV to record and stream content for which they cannot obtain Cable Labs approval to pass (via down-res)
    • Could allow place-shifting like Slingbox (thanks megazone)
    • Real-time transcoding could eliminate the need to do it in software, reducing the licensing fees for the Tivo Desktop software.
  • Consumes less power.

  • More at| More at Tivo Communinty


    Jeff Bezos Basler said...

    so, dolf, are you getting one?

    Dolf said...


    GW said...

    As a current Series 3 ($800) owner, this is a mild kick in the nuts. But, I new this day would come eventually. I've got no regrets. I've enjoyed HD Tivo for a year now, and have loved it.

    I'm confused on whether or not this will support sharing of content over networked Tivo's. My Series 3 hasn't. And if it does, will my Series 3 someday? Any idea Dolf?

    I'm in the process of finishing my basement, one of these guys might now be a part of that project. I'd love it if I could share content between the 2 HD Tivo's.

    Dolf said...

    GW, if you visit the Tivo forums you will see people complaining about TTG and MRV. TTG = TivoToGo and MRV = Multi-room Viewing.

    Tivo is working on this functionality and will hopefully have an update sometime this year. The problem with both stems from HDTV and its copyright restrictions.

    Dolf said...

    Also, once MRV is enabled in Series3 and Tivo HD, you should be able to share content across any type of Tivo that supports MRV - Series2, etc...

    gw said...

    Thanks D.

    You're earning those 5 referrals I've given you.

    Joe said...

    Are you missing any channels you expected to get? I have one on hold at BB, but I'm worried about SDV. Have you seen this chart? Are you able to get the HD channels you'd expect (locals, HBO, ESPN, TNT, DiscoveryHD)?

    gw said...


    That link doesn't appear to be working.

    I have no trouble getting local, ESPN, TNT, Discovery, etc... in HD. Whatever Insight offers with it's digital and HD Pak (including some Reds games on Fox Sports HD!)

    I don't have HBO, so I'm not sure on that...

    Chuck said...

    Yes, it is cheaper....BUT, many folks did NOT pay the $799 retail price. My S3 cost $549 from Costco. so only $250 cheaper. and i took advantage of the lifetime transfer so i am monthly fee free.

    All in all, i'm glad they came out with it, hope it sells like hotcakes and puts tivo on the right side of the profit column. But a kick in the nuts???

    No way!