Thursday, July 26, 2007

You Big, Stupid Vick!

If the NFL doesn't ban this moron for life (after he is inevitably found guilty or pleads out) they will prove themselves to be the biggest hypocrites EVER! Especially if you consider how they crack down on church groups, nursing homes, youth groups and any group of more than 5 people who gather to watch the Super Bowl. Oh, oh! Am I even allowed to write (or speak) that word without first getting permission from the NFL?

(Thanks to junior correspondent Todd for the photo.)


Theodore Geisel Basler said...

Yeah! We can't let people get away with hurting dogs and cats!

Dolf said...

If I didn't know any better, it sounds like you are being sarcastic!

At least it shows people care about animals on some level. Even if it is just the pretty furry ones.

If you demand 100% compliance to a movement it will obviously fail.

I will leave you with my favorite example, "Seen any good movies lately?"

Wrecking Machine said...

About Michael Vick:

First of all, if he is convicted, kick him out of the NFL.

Second, if not convicted but the evidence was there (a la OJ), kick him out of the NFL.

Third, if he pleads out, kick him out of the NFL.

Fourth, if not convicted, and the evidence is not there, there is no reason to kick him out of the NFL.

Haven't people learned to stop punishing people BEFORE the evidence is in? Duke Lacrosse team, anyone? Nifong, the douche DA that pushed the case at Duke, admitted finally, after roughly 2 years, that THEY HAD NO EVIDENCE! Meanwhile, the guys were kicked off their team, out of school, and the season for everyone else was cancelled, not to mention they were called rapists and sexual predators for 2 years straight. FOR NOTHING!

If Vick is guilty, or evidence strongly shows he is, string him up for all I care. But if he isn't, leave him the fuck alone.

Last time I checked, we had due process in this country. But it seems to be liberal fuckwits who go out and destroy people's lives before it has been proven they've done anything wrong. The funny thing is, these same assholes are the ones who yell at the President for not giving due process to the detainees at Gitmo. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Remember everyone: A fair and effective justice system depends upon two things.

1) Innocent until proven guilty.
2) Once found guilty, punishment must be incredibly severe.

Dolf said...

Eloquently put, Machine... As you know, I did add "(after he is inevitably found guilty or pleads out)" to my post on the off chance that he is innocent.

However, EVERY analyst I have heard says the case is not winnable and that he should be looking for a plea deal.

Nonetheless, I think he knows that anything other than an innocent verdict will destroy his career.