Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chinese Junk Parts 3 & 4

Here we go again...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mattel Inc. (MAT.N), the largest U.S. toy company, recalled millions more Chinese-made toys on Tuesday due to hazards from small, powerful magnets and lead paint, sending its shares down as much as 6 percent.

The new recall includes 7.3 million Polly Pocket dolls and accessories with magnets.

Also recalled on Tuesday due to magnet dangers were 1 million Doggie Day Care, 683,000 Barbie and Tanner play sets, and 345,000 Batman and One Piece play sets. No injuries were reported from those items.

About 253,000 Pixar Sarge die-cast toy cars with lead paint were also recalled. No injuries were reported in connection with the toys.

Lead has been linked to health problems in children, including brain damage.

Earlier this month Mattel's Fisher-Price unit recalled about 1.5 million preschool toys made by China-based contract manufacturer Lida Toy Co. because the paint on the toys might contain excessive amounts of lead. The global recall included products based on popular preschool characters from "Sesame Street" and "Dora the Explorer."

More from Reuters...

I am very happy to see Mattel's stock price drop. I was also glad to hear that someone is filing a lawsuit against them. Hopefully these kinds of repercussions can help stem the tide of poisoned Chinese products in the United States.

Visit Mattel's Voluntary Safety Recall page to determine if you have an affected product and for information on the recent recalls. You can also watch an almost comical video clip of the Mattel CEO trying to save his ass!

Do you want more? Well here you go!

INDIANAPOLIS — A chemical that thickens antifreeze has turned up again in a Chinese-made toothpaste, this time under a brand that serves luxury hotels around the world.

Gilchrist & Soames said Monday it is recalling its 18-milliliter, or 0.65-ounce, tubes of complimentary toothpaste with the company name on it. The company said some samples showed the toothpaste contained diethylene glycol, a chemical that can lead to liver and kidney damage.

It was the latest in a series of recalls involving Chinese-made goods. More at Seatlle Times...

It is only a matter of time before some savvy lawyer figures out a way to sue one of these companies into oblivion! I am certain this will happen. If someone can produce one child that has been permanently sickened by one of these products, it is going to be an economic, branding, and PR nightmare for someone.


Anonymous said...

Quit acting so high and mighty, you ignorant American. Unless you can get McDonald's, KFC & Pizza Hut out of China you have no legs to stand on that rickety soap box. Heart diseasing, artery clogging, high blood pressure inducing exported brands are as poisonous as imported anti-freeze thickener, fool.

Dolf said...

Shut up you moron. Your argument and analogies are pathetic! Did you even go to college?

Fast food is BAD for you! Any idiot knows that fact. It's full of fat and calories. You know what you are getting.

When someone uses toothpaste or a child plays with a toy there is NO REASON to expect lead or anti-freeze to be present. Do you understand that fact moron?? There is a *huge* difference.

Thank God you are not a lawyer or have a job that involves logic and reasoning skills...

Now get the " F"off my plane!

Sally Jessy Raphasler said...

Dolf, did you hear the head of the Mattel factory killed himself over this? I think he read your blog first.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fucking fact I AM AN ATTORNEY. [edited for stupidity] blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada...

Dolf said...

Nice try! You had me with the first post although I was suspicious.

But I *now know* this is either Basler, Machine, TC, or GB trying to bait me into a prolonged argument by pretending to be THE WORLD'S STUPIDEST LAWYER. Sorry bra... Not gonna bite.

On the one in a billion chance that you are not one of my friends making a fake post, do you realize I think you are so stupid that you can't possibily be real? For your sake, and the sake of humanity, I hope you are NOT real.

I win...

Dolf said...

Sally jesse, I did hear about this and was very happy.

In all seriousness, when I slammed Internet Explorer 7 for its terrible UI, there were visits from Microsoft.com that VERY DAY. No kidding.

When I ranted about Time Warner and "Black Thursday" there were multiple visits from Time Warner that day.

Also, I am lucky to count as one of my readers THE WORLD's STUPIDEST LAWYER.

So you better watch out lest I write a stinging review of the latest bag of goo that you are peddling to hard working Americans.