Monday, September 10, 2007

Drunks in Trucks: Part 2

If you don't think that you need an armored tank to survive on the road these days, check out the following photos from a wreck over the weekend.

Mary Welsh, an alcohol-impaired imbecile, drove her giant SUV the *wrong* way on I-75 and consequently murdered one person and critically injured another. Of course, the drunk moron walks away with (all together now) minor injuries. More at Original Story | Update

Welsh's SUV is barely damaged while the victim's car appears to have been hit with a nuclear warhead.

Besides mandatory prison terms, massive fines and lengthy license suspensions, convicted drunk drivers who cause accidents of this magnititude should be forced to drive a Toyota Yaris when they are eventually allowed back on the road. No more trucks! No more SUVs! I am serious.

These pictures make me sick!

Mary Welsh's SUV...

What's left of Jean Marie Smith's vehicle...

The 2007 Toyota Yaris...

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Wrecking Machine said...

Knew you were drinking? Check.

Willing took the wheel to drive? Check.

Killed another person? Check.

First degree murder; death penalty.

If we started charging DUIs like this, people might think twice.

Dolf said...


Actually there is one more victim that was critically injured. I haven't heard an update on his condition.

Our justice system is filled with myriad examples of "the punishment not fitting the crime". Sometimes the punishment is too severe (Marijuana) other times it is not severe enough (DUI).

I think people that steal gasoline or a bounce a check face stiffer penalties than a DUI conviction.

BTW, I am really proud of that Yaris idea. C'mon!

Anonymous said...

How does one have mixed emotions of sadness and pain for ALL parties involved in this . . . I can't imagine losing a loved one at the hands of a drunk driver. I can only be thankful that nothing that horrific has ever touched my life. I, however, know Ms. Welsh personally, and can tell you that she is an incredible person, always kind and caring, never having a bad word to say about anyone else. She made a HORRIBLE, life changing mistake for everyone involved in this collision. I can't say I've never driven after a few drinks . . .this could have been anyone, anywhere, anytime, SUV or not. Ms. Welsh is far from an imbecile. She made a very poor decision in her life, which unfortunately and tragically took the life of another.

Dolf said...

Anonymous, thanks for the post. Let it be known that I have the ability to control which comments get through. I didn't hesitate for a second to let your positive feedback into the mix.

However, I would like to correct one of your statements, "She made a HORRIBLE, life changing mistake".

Is should be, "She made a HORRIBLE, life *ENDING* mistake".

She's 26 years old, not 16. Also, someone who can afford what appears to be a $50,000 SUV can certainly afford a cab ride - even back to Hamilton. I am sure she wishes she had made that call now.

I call this my "One Stupid Second" theory. In one stupid second you can destroy a lifetime of positive achievements. In one stupid second you can end your life and/or the lives of others. In order to make it through life you need to identify those "One Stupid Second" moments and take the proper course of action.

GW said...

having one too many, and being so drunk you don't realize you're driving the wrong way on an expressway is another story.

Wrecking Machine said...

Also, One Stupid Second does not invalidate all the Possibly Intelligent Seconds beforehand.

However, it doesn't exempt you from Terrible Consequence Seconds afterward, either.