Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Amazing Race 12 Update / Band Rocks!

The latest installment of The Amazing Race will feature the show's first lesbian team, a Goth duo, and a grandpa/grandson combo. They will be hitting some brand new locales including Lithuania, Croatia and Ireland.

The 11 teams competing in The Amazing Race 12:

  • Ronald Hsu, 58, VP of sales; Christina Hsu, 26, policy activist (father/daughter)

  • Kynt Cothron, 31, waiter/hair salon receptionist; Vyxsin Fiala, 29, waiter/hair salon receptionist (dating Goths)

  • Lorena Segura, 27, bartender; Jason Widener, 33, wedding videographer/actor (dating)

  • Azaria Azene, 27, facilities engineer; Hendekea Azene, 23, aerospace engineer (brother/sister)

  • Kate Lewis, 49, Episcopal clergy; Pat Hendrickson, 65, ordained deacon (married ministers)

  • Shana Wall, 32, actress; Jennifer McCall, 32, legal assistant (friends)

  • Donald Jerousk, 68, retired; Nicolas Fulks, 23, pilot (grandfather/grandson)

  • Jennifer Parker, 23, student; Nathan Hagstrom, 24, volleyball coach (dating)

  • Rachel Rosales, 23, florist/store owner; TK Erwin, 22, substitute teacher (newly dating)

  • Marianna Ruiz, 25, art gallery manager; Julia Ruiz, 26, office production manager (sisters)

  • Ari Bonias, 21, waiter; Staella Gianakakos, 23, restaurant manager (best friends)
In other reality news, I actually really liked the The Next Great American Band on Fox. Although the show doesn't have an original bone in it's body, the bands were very good. Two groups really stood out, The Clark Brothers and Franklin Bridge. And if this show were a true *reality* show, music execs would take the unbelievable drummer and bassist from Bridge and pair them with the Clarks. I would love to see that combo!

Unfortunately a few of my favorites (Zombie Bazooka Patrol) did not make the cut. Check out their ultra catchy tune "Better off Undead" on their MySpace page. It's a hit.

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