Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Tivo News...

Huge news for Tivo HD and Series3 owners. Tivo just flicked the switch on TivoToG0 and Multi-room viewing.

As for eSATA on the Tivo HD... Unless you want to bust open your Tivo box and hack around, the only plug n' play option is Western Digital's My DVR Expander. Just plug it in and you have an extra 65 hours of HD!

More at the Tivo Forums and on Engadget HD.


gw said...

awesome! I've been waiting for the Multi-room viewing for what seems like an eternity.

Just tonight I activated Rhapsody on my Tivo, and didn't think it could be any better - and now this!

We've basically now achieved being able to watch what we want, when we want and where we want. Coupled with being able to listen to any music when and where.

Throw in access to my fantasy football teams...

Tivo is the best. period.

NickH said...

I mentioned the other day that I got an update, but it was 9.1. I've had nothing but problems since then. Since Saturday I've had to reboot 4 or 5 times to resolve problems. It's lost all the digital channels on one of the cable cards a couple times. The real fun one was this morning when it stopped responding to the remote and the buttons on the front. It acknowledged the button pushes (the light on the unit flashed), but it didn't do anything... had to yank the cable to reboot it, then the problem went away (there are reports of this on tivocommunity). I'm signing up on the 9.2 priority page now.

Dolf said...

Yeah... It looks like Tivo has everything clicking now.

However, there still remains one major issue... SDV!!!

Something needs to be done QUICKLY to resolve this problem or else all of this cool stuff will mean nothing!

Time Warner Cincinnati has begun adding new HD channels (ESPN2, A&E HD, etc) but Tivo HD and Series3 owners can't get them because they are on SDV and thus not viewable via CableCards.