Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prince Tennis Releases Wii Racket

As a "real" tennis player, I found this quite interesting. A major racket manufacturer making accessories for the Wii?? It's looking more and more like the Wii is going to be the winner of the next generation console race.

Dear Dolf,

As you may know, in the past year, Nintendo Wii Tennis has become something of a video game phenomenon enjoyed by millions of players around the globe. The virtual tennis game comes complete with real footwork and real follow-throughs and while it is no replacement for picking up your sticks and heading out to the court, for those who can't get enough tennis, coming home to compete against friends and family in Wii Tennis is the next best thing.

Until now however, there has only been one problem – there has been no proper Wii tennis racquet! Well, Prince is fixing that by delivering to players a Wii racquet designed specifically to help make the virtual tennis experience more realistic.

We live and breathe tennis and are excited to provide the best racquets to players whether they are top juniors, elite touring pros or Wii gamers. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Prince Wii racquets starting November 15, in all Circuit City locations nationwide as well as at

For information on other Prince products, videos and player information, please visit www.princetennis.com.

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