Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tivo HD eSATA Update Launched!

There is not much reason to buy a Series3 Tivo any longer. With the latest 9.2 update, external storage is now officially supported by the Tivo HD. Check out for a list of officially sanctioned eSATA drives for your Tivo. (Page not yet active!)

The 9.2 update should make its way to most boxes within the next couple weeks.

Tivo System Information: Variable Recording Capacity, Hours

None 32 303
120GB 47 445
250GB 65 ?
300GB 71 673
500GB 98 927
750GB 131 1244
800Gb 138 ?
1 TB 165 1561
If you want pre-packaged solution with its own case, and you are willing to settle for 500Gb, then the Western Digital My DVR Expander (WDG1S5000N) is the best choice.

If you want to build your own solution, or want more than 500Gb of expansion, then the Seagate DB35 and the Antec MX-1 enclosure is the most popular combination.

You may also want to buy the SIIG CB-SA0111-S1 (1m) eSATA cable listed in FAQ #31, since it provides a firmer connection than you get with the bundled cables.

More great info on the Tivo Forum -

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GW said...

very cool, but still pretty expensive. I want Multi-room viewing!!!!

New Rhapsody service seems cool (I've been using Rhapsody for a couple years). I'm looking forward to that getting downloaded.