Sunday, November 04, 2007

Amazing Race 12 Tonight!

Reminder! The Amazing Race 12 begins tonight at 8:00pm on CBS. Set your Tivos...

The latest installment of The Amazing Race will feature the show's first lesbian team, a Goth duo, and a grandpa/grandson combo. They will be hitting some brand new locales including Lithuania, Croatia and Ireland.

The 11 teams competing in The Amazing Race 12:

  • Ronald Hsu, 58, VP of sales; Christina Hsu, 26, policy activist (father/daughter)

  • Kynt Cothron, 31, waiter/hair salon receptionist; Vyxsin Fiala, 29, waiter/hair salon receptionist (dating Goths)

  • Lorena Segura, 27, bartender; Jason Widener, 33, wedding videographer/actor (dating)

  • Azaria Azene, 27, facilities engineer; Hendekea Azene, 23, aerospace engineer (brother/sister)

  • Kate Lewis, 49, Episcopal clergy; Pat Hendrickson, 65, ordained deacon (married ministers)

  • Shana Wall, 32, actress; Jennifer McCall, 32, legal assistant (friends)

  • Donald Jerousk, 68, retired; Nicolas Fulks, 23, pilot (grandfather/grandson)

  • Jennifer Parker, 23, student; Nathan Hagstrom, 24, volleyball coach (dating)

  • Rachel Rosales, 23, florist/store owner; TK Erwin, 22, substitute teacher (newly dating)

  • Marianna Ruiz, 25, art gallery manager; Julia Ruiz, 26, office production manager (sisters)

  • Ari Bonias, 21, waiter; Staella Gianakakos, 23, restaurant manager (best friends)

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