Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dolf Zone Cares / O'Bryonville Animal Rescue Holiday eBay Event

If you want a great deal for a good cause, make sure you visit the O'Bryonville Animal Rescue Holiday eBay Event which runs until this Friday, November 30th. (See all items with thumbnail photos included.)

There are nearly 1000 great items available. And your items will arrive in time for the holidays.

* Antiques
* Gift certificates & Gift Cards
* Sports Memorabilia
* Toys
* Household Items & Appliances
* Jewelry
* Art
* Paintings
* Photos
* Clothes
* Collectibles
* Gift baskets
* And much, much more!

Some recent items include autographed Reds, Bengals and other sports memorabilia, collectible Barbies and other toys, Bed & Breakfast stays, Hotel and vacation packages, and hundreds of other great items.


MattyP said...

Well, I went up to $25 on the signed Chad Johnson photo - but someone had an autobid set higher. That should buy some cat food!

Ted Nugent-Basler said...

I really *must* have the rotisserie oven being auctioned!!! Will it serve for cooking cats as well as birds???

Dolf said...

Thanks for doing your part Matty P!

Basler, you, on the other hand, are a filthy manimal! How dare you question a Dolf Zone approved charitable organization? If we were living in Spartan times, I would whip my battle knife across your ample midsection and laugh heartily with comely lasses as you slowly died on the battlefield. Have you ever realized how stupid and ignorant you really are?

Wrecking Machine said...

You should know, with all these Spartan times comments, that between killing people, you'd likely be having homosexual sex with a young boy.

Be careful what you wish for.

Dolf said...

Machine, I forgot all about that! Are you sure it was the Spartans???? That sounds more like decadent Rome to me... Nonetheless, I am a modern day Spartan! Combining the best of Dolf with the noble Spartan warrior qualities.