Friday, November 02, 2007

HD DVD $99 Wal-Mart / Sony to Lose Again

Sony and it's exorbitantly priced Blu-ray format are poised to lose the high definition DVD format war as cheap HD DVD players are making the news on a daily basis. The $99 Wal-Mart deal should pretty much kill Blu-ray by the beginning of next year. Similar deals have popped at Best Buy and there is news of cheap HD DVD players making their way to K-Mart as well.

Sony and it's Blu-ray contingent think $499 is a great entry level price point. Good luck with all of that Sony. Looks like it's Betamax 2: Electric Boogaloo for you...

Blu-ray could go down in history as the technology that killed Sony. It has cost them the video game console war by jacking up the cost of the PS3 to Rockefellerian levels. And now Blu-ray seems ready to go down for the count in the next gen DVD fight as well.


Anonymous Basler said...

Where is the link for this deal? When I go to they don't have *any* HD-DVD players, let alone one for $99. They have three or four Blu-Ray players, though, the cheapest being the PS3.

Dolf said...

It's in store only moron! Keep looking. There will continue to be great deals.

Actually the Toshiba HD3 can be found for ~$199 and it includes up to NINE free movies.

I have a feeling there will continue to be ~$100 deals on HD-DVD players. Toshiba is trying to clobber Sony.

The HD-2 debuted at $499 a year ago. They aren't cheapo players.

Baslonymous said...

My point stands that Wal-Mart can't be pushing HD-DVD isanely hard when they don't have a single HD-DVD player on their website. Sure, widely available $100 HD-DVD players will drive that format if Blu-Ray can't match that price level, but that doesn't mean you're not an idiot.

Dolf said...

well played... ;)

Point of interest... All of the local Best Buys are sold out of the Toshiba HD-A3's. This was the model that stickers for $299 but is on sale for $199 WITH 10 movies.

I think Blu-ray will be significantly behind after the holidays. They seem to refuse to budge on price. Companies (as well as people!) that refuse to compromise, to bend, and to be flexible are doomed to failure.

Besides being shunned by the porno industry, I am sure one of Beta's downfalls was higher price! Sony seems destined to make this mistake once again! They seem to think everyone in America is a millionaire!

Adam P said...

Huh, called that one, didnt ya? Oops.

Dolf said...

Not so fast AP! Even though Sony beat HD DVD, they are still doing every thing they can to still LOSE!

However this time, the competition is normal DVDs and upconverting players, on demand cable, and services such as Unbox, Tivo, Apple TV and XBox marketplace.

With Sony's complete arrogance and stubborness when it comes to pricing, I still feel they are going to lose. Blu-ray is destined to be a niche! And as I have mentioned, Sony is going to figure a way to still lose even though its main competition is gone.