Friday, November 30, 2007

See You Suckers Later!

Yes!!!! I just received this email. No doubt because of all the good I have accomplished during my lifetime. See you suckers later... I am going to go evangelize!
Dear in Christ,

I am Mrs. Diana Brown, am 54 years old. My husband and my only son were killed during the terrorist Attack that rocked London on the 7th of July 2005. I have some funds that my late husband WILLED to my name, the sum of US $9,500,000.00 United States of American Dollars.

Since I am not ok health wise, I don't want my family members to fight for this money should i answer the call of heaven; i then decide to give the funds out for the propagation of the Lord's work; i deposited the funds with a Finance Company here in London .

I needed a very honest and God fearing Christian that will use the money for spreading evangelism, i searched through the internet for this purpose, and i found your email address and decided to contact you. Please if you would be faithful enough to use the funds for the Lord's work as i wish, kindly respond back to my message.

You’re Sister,
Mrs. Diana Brown.

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