Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 TV Premiere Dates

A listing of 2008 premieres and returns courtesy of the Tivo Community. Dolf Zone approved shows appear in bold face.

Week of Sunday Dec 30
According to Jim (ABC) Jan 1
Just for Laughs (ABC) Jan 1
Law & Order SVU (NBC) Jan 1
Law & Order NBC 2 hours Jan 2
Power of 10 (CBS) Jan 2
Supernanny (ABC) Jan 2
Wife Swap (ABC) Jan 2
Celebity Apprentice (NBC) Jan 3
1 vs 100 (NBC) Jan 4
Deal or No Deal (NBC) Jan 4

Week of Sunday Jan 6
Desperate Housewives Jan 6
Cashmere Mafia (ABC) Jan 6
L Word Jan 6 (SHO)
American Gladiators
(NBC) Jan 6
The Wire (HBO) Jan 6
Medium (NBC) Jan 7
Dance War ABC Jan 7
One Tree Hill (CW) Jan 8
Big Shots (ABC) Jan 10
Monk Dec 7 then Jan 11 (USA)
Psych Dec 7 then Jan 11 (USA)

Week of Sunday Jan 13

Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles Jan 13
Prison Break (FOX) Jan 14
American Idol (FOX) Jan 15

Week of Sunday Jan 20

Tudors (SHO) Jan 20 Repeat Season 1
Wildfire (ABC) Jan 21
Moment of Truth (FOX) January 23
BBCA Jan 26

Week of Sunday Jan 27

The Captain (CBS) Jan 28
Eli Stone (ABC) Jan 31
Lost (ABC) Jan 31

Week of Sunday Feb 3
New Adventures of Old Christine
(CBS) Feb 4
Survivor (CBS) Feb 7
Lipstick Jungle (NBC) Feb 7

Week of Sunday Feb 10
Jericho (CBS) Feb 12
Big Brother (CBS) Feb 12

Week of Sunday Feb 17
Baby Borrowers (NBC) Feb 18
New Amsterdam
(FOX) Feb 22

Week of Sunday Mar 2
Oprah's Big Give (ABC) Mar 2
Unhitched (FOX) Mar 3
When Women Rule the World (FOX)Mar 3
Return of Jezebel James (FOX) Mar 7
Bachelor (ABC) Mar 17
Dancing with the Stars (ABC) Mar 17

Month of April
Hells Kitchen (FOX) April 1
Canterbury's Law (FOX) April 11


Anonymous said...

what about Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice?!? Are there going to be any new episodes anytime soon?

Dolf said...


Supposedly, the one remaining episode of Grey's that has been filmed will air on January 10.

There are no more remaining episodes of Private Practice.

wwisecrack said...

I'm glad to see that Hells Kitchen has finally become Dolf Zone approved. Amen to that brother!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info. i also meant to ask...what about Brothers and Sisters?

Dolf said...

Brothers and Sisters=3

InocntBystndr said...


Nothing ventured, nothing gained? Sorry you didn't make the cut.