Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dolf Zone Breaking News / Harpers Black 4.5/5.0 GCITA World Champions!

Harpers Point Black 4.5/5.0 Men's Singles | 15 wins, 1 loss | 2007 4.5/5.0 Greater Cincinnati Indoor Tennis Association Champs

(Pictured from left) Mark S, Mike B, Pat H, Dolf M (Captain), Charlie E, Jim S
(Not pictured) Edwin D, Bobby E, Brian H

Harpers Point Black defeated surprise finalist Colonial Orange to claim the 2007 G.C.I.T.A. 4.5/5.0 Men's Singles Championship on Saturday.

Colonial knocked out a loaded Courtyard Black team in the semifinals while Harpers barely edged past Queen City Blue. In the finals, however, it was all Harpers Point.

Thanks to all of the fans in attendance.

A perpetual class act, Captain Dolf Muccillo dedicated his team's victory as well as the entire season to "the children." Because, as Muccillo so eloquently stated, "Children are the future."


GW said...

Is it surprising that Dolf worked his way into the center of the photo and made sure it was he holding the trophy?

What are the odds they'd let the 3rd string doubles partner hold the trophy?

Dolf said...

Sorry to disappoint you GW but not only am I the coach/captain/architect/recruiter/mastermind behind the team, I also amassed a solid 7-3 record which contributed 17 points to our tally of 100.

While you are sitting at home watching endless hours of TV, I am battling it out at the highest organized level of tennis in the Greater Cincinnati area.

You make me SICK sir! Sick!

andre fagasi said...


nice photo! congratulations...

15-1? Don't lie...were you the "1"?

Dolf said...

15-1 is the team's collective record.

The format is similar to college or high school tennis.

Each team fields four players who play best two-out-of-three set matches. Each set counts as a point. So if a team wins all four courts in straight sets the score is 8-0.

And if you must know, I did not play the match that we lost. It was a 9:00am match at a distant location. There was no way I was playing that day! Tooooo damn early...

Anonymous said...

Did you add anyone to your powerhouse? I have Tom Stokes playing for me sparringly. Your move?? PLus one more surprise coming. Looking forward to our next two duels and hopefully one day a duel for the whole league.