Monday, December 10, 2007

Shrek The Third is Only On HD DVD

Shrek The Third
is the number one rated high definition disc in terms of picture and audio quality according to the members of the AVS Forum. If you own a Blu-ray player you are out of luck because it's only available on HD DVD! Check out all of the AVS Forum rankings and find out which discs (both HD DVD and Blu-ray) will amaze your friends.
There isn't a movie in the animated category that can top this production from an acoustical and visual 3D impact. If I had to put one phrase to save alot of typing it would be 'Depth of field'. The detail that is protected by an uncanny balanced saturation is a full generation ahead of the current top members in this category. I watched it with a reasonably fresh isf level calibration on a ten foot screen which I suspect added to the notion that bigger is better in every respect.

This is a mandatory HD film for the serious collector. Phenomenal demo material!


Ball Licker said...


This is a very lame website, as is represented by the lack of responses to your silly posts.

Thank you for censoring my comment, although I will take pleasure in knowing that you have read it.

Dolf said...

Dear Ball,

Your comment is equally lame as is represented by your pathetic grasp of English grammar.

As is represented? Are you retarded sir? Or are you still in grade school?

You got served,

P.S. I win again!

TJ Phillip Basler said...

Dolf: 1
Ball licker: 0

CincyJen said...

Hey Ball Licker! Looks like you just got licked! Shrek The Third rocks you moron!

Oh No He Di'int Basler said...

Who keeps defiling my god-given last name? I had nothing to do with the post by the so-called TJ Phillip Basler.

BTW, is it really that amazing to have a great high-def DVD of a digitally animated film? I'm personally far more impressed by live-action stuff in high def. Digitally animated stuff is perfect by default.

Dolf said...

Shut up and eat your pinecone!

inoCntbystandr said...

"As is represented? Are you retarded sir?"

I just stumbled on your site and have a question regarding your assumption that "ball licker" is a male.I would assume female.

Not sure if it is relevant to the topic at hand, but interesting nonetheless.

Dolf said...


Thanks for stopping by! Under normal circumstances you would be correct.

I would be wrong to assume Ball Licker is a male. However, most of the people who leave comments on the DZ are my male friends and acquaintances using HILARIOUS aliases. Thanks for your concern...