Thursday, December 13, 2007

Writers' Strike? Who Cares!

With TV now competing with many other forms of entertainment such as video games, the Internet, and DVDs, the Hollywood writers' strike may not have been the smartest or most well timed move.

Personally, I will be spending much more time playing video games. Who knows? Maybe I will keep playing video games even after the strike is resolved and consequently watch less TV!

Another thing I will be doing is watching DVDs of all of the great shows that I missed during their original runs such as Dexter and The Wire (Seasons 2 & 3). I'll probably also watch some of my favorite movies again. You are NOT a beautiful and unique snowflake!

It seems that there will be plenty of alternate forms of entertainment to keep me busy! Are you listening you morons?? God forbid, I might even read a book or two...

If you need to find out how the strike is going to affect your favorite shows, check out Brent Evans' constantly updated guide to the Hollywood writers' strike. You can also check out the TivoCommunity's list of cable and network premiere dates.


William Gates Basler said...

and what games are you playing??

Dolf said...

At this point, none! As you know I will be getting a Wii for X-mas. That means:

* Super Mario Galaxy
* Brain Academy

After I get my 360, the first two on that list will be:

* Halo 3
* Bioshock

That should keep me busy...

If things get really bad, I might get SceneIt for the 360.

Shigeru Baslemoto said...

I currently have 12 stars on Mario Galaxy.

hot_wla said...

I think you should just keep playing games because to read a book is too much to ask. Good forbid you should learn something!

Dolf said...


I just bought an XBOX 360 so my Nintendo Wii won't get lonely.

Thus, I *will* be taking your advice and play more games in lieu of reading.