Sunday, January 20, 2008

Best Buy or Worst Buy?

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I LOVE Best Buy. However, I have become slightly disenchanted lately. Perhaps it's my ignorance of retail but I have noticed some major rip offs going on.

Item 1: It was widely publicized over a week ago that Toshiba had dramatically lowered the MSRP of their entire HD DVD line. Amazon's prices immediately reflected this and within a few days their prices even dipped below the MSRP. As of this Sunday, Best Buy is still charging $299 for the HD-A3. A full 100% over the current MSRP. Did Best Buy headquarters not get the memo?

Item 2. The Western Digital My DVR Expander has an MSRP of $199. Tivo sells it for $199 on their web site. Multiple reviews from CNET and others mention the list price of $199. However, for some odd reason, Best Buy decides to sell it for 10% OVER the MSRP. WTF???

Why are you ripping us off Best Buy?


Greatest American Basler said...

Print ads are sent to the presses way in advance. There wouldn't have been any time for Best Buy to change their circular to reflect Toshiba's desperately hasty price drop.

I'm sure Best Buy will change its price soon, especially once they learn that The Dolf Zone is on to them and their schemes to defraud the American public!!!!



The "S" in MSRP stands for suggested. As you should know, a retail chain can charge whatever they want for an item on their shelf as long as someone will pay for it.

Walmart sells fruit of the loom underpants for $8.99/3 pack and K-mart sells the same pack for $10.35. That, combined with the fact that Walmart staffs those sexy 75 year old men at the door to say hello to me as I walk in, is why I shop at Walmart.

As an educated shopper, you should buy from Amazon or Tivo, and quit your bitching.

InoCntByStndr said...


You were true about the suggested explanation...thank goodness for proper web surfing oversight.

Stop trying to generate "HD-A3" or "Digital My DVR Expander" conspiracies, you paranoid Division III-b tennis playing wanna be.

And while I am at it, Fight Club blows and there is no good explaination for cat overpopulation.


Best Buy ASSistant Mgr- Store #104

Dolf said...


I can and will continue to bitch and complain on behalf of the working man! It's my right as a U.S. citizen. If you don't like it, move to China.

I also find your example extremely disturbing.


Dolf said...


The fact that you think "Fight Club" is a bad movie leads me to believe that you are a moron.

Your spelling ability confirms it.


P.S. You are either a female (they all hate Fight Club by default) or a poorly educated male who took everything in the movie literally.

Wrecking Machine said...

Shit, taking everything in the movie literally makes it that much more badass.

But seriously; free market dictates that if you can find it cheaper somewhere else, you have the right to buy it there. If you don't, you are justifying the companies' over-pricing: if you were willing to pay for it at their higher price, why should they charge less?

Based on Best Buy's website for the WD MDE, they are selling plenty at their MSRP+10% price, since they are currently backordered. Why would you charge less when people are still buying them? Supply and demand, my friend, supply and demand.