Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Dolf M Starter Pack

Yes, I stole the idea from the "Seth Cohen Starter Pack" on The O.C. but great ideas are the best kind to rip off. Just ask Bill Gates.

Do you want to be like me? Now you can thanks to the "Dolf M Starter Pack"! All of these products are wholeheartedly recommended by me for you! From my Babolat Pure Drive Plus tennis racket to my beloved Tivo HD to some of my all time favorite music, movies and television. They are all here and all available at Amazon.


GW said...

You are recommending the HDDVD player? Make up your mind.

I'm curious, are you planning on seeing Cloverfield? Didn't you have a post here a long time ago with the trailer?

Dolf said...

I am recommending it! You can pick one up for about $130 and you still get the 7 free movies. THat's a very good deal even if the only thing it could do is upconvert existing DVDs.

So you are getting a great deal on a very solid DVD player. It will always be able to upconvert standard DVDs and it can play HD DVD as a bonus.

I have decided to keep mine. I will pick up a Blu-ray when/if I can get one for $25 at Kroger.

Dolf said...

Yes I want to see Cloverfield! I will repost!

Wrecking Machine said...

About Dolf's pre-release, enthusiastic movie reviews, I invite you to remember Zodiac.

That is all.

Dolf said...

There's a good movie buried in the excessive footage of Zodiac! It was just too damn long!