Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The non-Marlboro Man / Year Four

It seems impossible. Perhaps even unbelievable. But I have not had a delicious, nutritious, smoky-flavored Marlboro Light in over four years! Not even a single silky puff since January 5, 2004!

I had been a nearly two pack-a-day smoker for fifteen years and also had a Kodiak habit two years prior to that. That's seventeen years of tobacco addiction!

If someone of my weak and questionable willpower can quit, anyone can! Maybe I'll write a book.

And yes, I regularly find myself craving one! However, the desire quickly passes. My number one tip is AVOIDANCE. In order to successfully quit, you must avoid the people and places (as much as possible) that can cause a relapse.


MattyP said...

Wow - that's impressive. Congrats!

Wrecking Machine said...

And yet you talk to me regularly, arguably a pro-smoking advocate....

Anyway, congrats on making it so long.

Dolf said...

That's why I was sure to add in the "(as much as possible)" line! I do make rare exceptions. Plus I occasionally enjoy "second-hand smoking" from time to time. --D