Wednesday, February 27, 2008

R.I.P. Omar Little...

One of my favorite "good" bad guys finally got got on The Wire.

It seemed like the writers went *way* out of their way to make Omar's death as mundane and devoid of glory as possible.

First, one of the biggest, baddest guys on the street gets popped by a little kid. Next, the newspaper decides Omar's not even worth a mention. And finally, the morgue puts his body tag on some old white dude!

The only indignity the writers didn't dispense was to cut to a scene of Omar's tombstone with his name misspelled! ;)

I was hoping for a bloody showdown with ghetto kingpin Marlo. But much like The Sopranos, The Wire isn't going to sell out and give the masses what they want! The Wire's creators wanted Omar to go down with little fanfare and not in a crowd pleasing hail of bullets.

The Wire airs Sunday nights on HBO. I highly recommend it! Get the DVDs now! If you are pressed for time, go for Season 4. It is phenomenal! There are only 2 more episodes left and the series is done.

Keep your eyes open for future projects featuring the outstanding actors of The Wire. They are easily one of the most talented casts in the history of TV. There are several possible breakout stars in this cast. Besides the aformentioned Michael K. Williams as Omar Little, there are many amazing talents on The Wire. Andre Royo is incredible as "Bubbles". Dominic "I Can't Believe He's English" West's "James McNulty" is one of the best cop characters ever put on screen. Other standouts include Jamie Hector ("Marlo"), Gbenga Akinnagbe ("Chris"), Felicia Pearson ("Snoop"), Jermaine Crawford ("Dukie") and Tristan Wilds ("Michael"). And trust me, this list is not inclusive! I just don't have the time to look everyone up! The mayor... the senator... the list of great characters is endless.


brett t said...

Perfect tragic ending for one of the best characters in TV history. In retrospect, I don't know why I would have expected anything else from the Wire.

Those of us with On Demand have seen the penultimate episode. You'll have to let me know your opinion after it airs. I can't say much besides it may be the best episode of the series yet... until the finale airs that is.

By the way, what do you think of the "serial killer" subplot?

Dolf said...

Can't wait to see the final two!

I am not sure what I think about it. On one hand it's kind of funny. But how believable is it? Could someone really pull something like that off in the real world?

I love the focus on the media via the newspaper business. It's funny/scary to see how "truth" is defined.