Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sony Blu It!

Sony just announced a new line of Blu-ray players that will almost be able to all of the things that HD DVD players have been doing for the past TWO YEARS!

The best part of Sony's announcement regards price. Do you think Sony lowered their ridiculously inflated prices? Read on...

The BDP-S350 player Sony plans to introduce this summer for "about $400" will be the company's first to feature an Ethernet port, allowing it to connect to a home broadband connection. However, it won't be able to access Internet content when it ships — a software upgrade will be available later to enable that feature, known as BD-Live.

A second player, the BDP-S550, will be available this fall for "about $500" and will be BD-Live-capable when it ships. More...

Good luck seeing mass market acceptance of your "about $400" Blu-ray players! Unbelievable... One would have thought Sony had learned the importance of price after seeing its PS3 get clobbered by the more affordable Wii and 360. A year from now we will be reading stories with headlines like "Sony Blu It!", "Why Blu-ray Failed to Take Off", and "Blu-ray Remains Niche".

Leave it to Sony to figure a way to lose a one horse race!


Overview of HD DVD's Superiority

* Affordable Players! HD DVD players hit the magic sub $200 mark and were primed to lead a mass market adoption of HD.

* Combo format movies - One of HD DVD's best features. No need to buy TWO versions of the same disc. Your Blu-ray disc is not going to play in your car's DVD player, nor on your portable player, and not in the player in the kid's room!

* HD DVD Internet & Advanced Features - HD DVD was a finished spec from the beginning. Blu-ray still doesn't have several of the advanced features and Internet capabilities that HD DVD has had for two years. Even Sony's upcoming players won't be ready out of the box!

* Region free movies - You can buy an HD DVD disc from anywhere in the world and it will work in your player.

* Less copy protection!

The only obvious negative for HD DVD is that Blu-ray discs have a larger storage capacity.

That's about all there is to say on the topic. This will hopefully be one of my last posts on the issue! ;)

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Baslerian Rhapsody said...

Yeah! Sony will be bankrupt within days!! We heard it here first...