Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blu-ray To Lower Prices... Never!

It looks like Sony and the Blu-ray association are doing everything they can to ensure the format's demise. Although Toshiba was somehow able to produce players for under $200, not Sony. Sony wants to keep prices as high as possible for as long as possible. This is a delusional and possibly suicidal move for the format. If you don't believe me and my bitching , you can take it straight from Sony's President. Without near-term, sub-$200 pricing, Blu-ray is never going to be a success. It will simply be a marginal niche delivery mechanism. Most people will buy an HDMI upconverting DVD player and be done with it.

Last week Sony Electronics President Stan Glasgow said prices for Blu-ray players would drop slowly. Sony's players are now upwards of $400, but Glasgow predicted prices under $300 by Christmas [2008] and under $200 by the end of next year [that's 2009!]. Other Blu-ray player manufacturers, such as Sharp and Samsung, are also expected to lower prices.

But Glasgow told The New York Times that the Blu-ray Association would try to avoid the extremely low prices that hit DVD players by not licensing the standard to Chinese manufacturers. He indicated there will be made-in-China players, but not soon.


Wrecking Machine said...

"Most people will buy an HDMI upconverting DVD player and be done with it."

And that's when the market will kick in and Sony will be forced to lower their prices in order to move more units.

Supply and demand and all that stuff.

Dolf said...

I have no problem with companies making as much money as they can. However I expect them not to rape their customers!

Plus, I just think it's a stupid business move. I don't understand it.

A great example of a company that I love!