Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dolf Zone Junk Alert / Hoover WindTunnel Vacuums

Although Hoover WindTunnel Vacuums are highly recommended by Consumer Reports, my experience with the product was terrible. I found the Hoover WindTunnel to be a poorly designed, poorly engineered piece of junk that was built to last a few days past its warranty. Not only did I waste almost $100 getting it fixed, but I probably spent another $100 replacing the *two* different kinds of belts that it kept chewing through!

Thus, Hoover has earned a spot on the dreaded Dolf Zone's "Brands I Will Never Buy Again" list. Also, I have to call in to question Consumer Reports. How could they recommend this product? Check out a great article I found that helps explain the situation, "The Truth About Consumer Reports."
There are vacuums below 200$ that will last an average of 10 years given they are taken care of properly. If you live in Germany, when you buy an appliance, you will most likely have it for the next 30 years. It used to be that way in the United States before the birth of this new breed of engineering mixed with marketing, called 'planned obsoletion'. Planned obsoletion is a direct result of consumer support of the 'big box' mega stores. As competition between these large stores increases, so does the need to have lower prices. This is natural with all competition but when it comes to appliances, the end result is there is less room on the shelf for things that will last a long time because they don't move quickly enough.

For God's sake, why can't Toyota make vacuum cleaners???? I would buy one in a second.

[A future "Junk Alert?" I am starting to have some nagging issues with my Whirlpool refrigerator after only five years. The waterline to the ice maker periodically freezes and the water dispenser randomly drips (a potential disaster!). ]

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