Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dolf Zone Pick / The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is another show that I added to the rotation during the writer's strike and it has quickly become one of my favorites. In fact, it's safe to say that The Biggest Loser has earned must see status.

Currently, there is nothing more dramatic on television than watching the Biggest Loser's giant truck stop scale randomly cycle through the pounds before ultimately revealing a contestant's weight.

My only critique is that the fitness tips should be more plentiful and detailed. For example, last week Bob (one of Loser's trainers) mentioned a weekly "cheat day" to rev up your metabolism. Well... exactly how much cheating!? A few hundred calories or a couple thousand? I can just imagine how badly this "cheat day" tactic is already being abused by Biggest Loser viewers.

Also, does anyone know why the contestants started covering themselves up during weigh-ins??? C'mon!

I hope that the popularity of The Biggest Loser and the resurgence of other reality shows like The Apprentice serves as a warning to the writers and actors out there... Quit striking, lest you be replaced by reality shows, video games and old DVDs!

The Biggest Loser is on Tuesdays at 8:00pm on NBC.
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MattyP said...

Love the Biggest Loser, a couple of thoughts:

1. What the f is up with all the Mark/Jay brotherly crying? Seriously, the show where Mark got voted off was wretch inducing from the amount of tears shed. Seriously, its like Jay was sending Mark off to his death.

2. The show would have been SO much better if Bernie or Curtis would have been back in the game instead of Mark.

3. I don't care much weight she's lost, Kelly is still fat and will probably always be fat. She just oozes that poor-me, fat-girl, charlie-brown attitude. The only reason she's still on is because she's a threat to no one who has gotten lucky on a few weigh-ins.

4. The alliance between Mark, Jay, Dan and Roger is going to make things interesting. Personally, I think Dan and Roger blew it when they had the chance to vote of Jay and they didn't. When it comes down to it, the brothers are tighter than the fat-man alliance, so if Dan or Rog ends up in the bottom two, they are done for.

5. They need to separate the men and the women for purposes of the weigh-ins. There's a reason that there's never been a female biggest loser. As they are freaks of nature (Jillian) women just can't drop their body fat as low as men can. There needs to be both a male biggest loser and female biggest loser.

6. Dan getting the huge-ass forearm tattoo has to be top 5 in the most likely regrettable reality TV moments of all time.

7. This is a show that MUST be Tivo'd/DVR'd. The amount of commercials in the 2nd hour (weigh-in/vote-off) is ridiculous.

Dolf said...


MattyP with some pent up rage over "Biggest Loser!" That's some deep analysis.

I am glad that The DZ has provided you a *safe* outlet for these feelings.

See you in a few weeks...


MattyP said...

What - you thought you were the only one with strong opinions on TV?

WTF??? said...

ummm..two guys waxing philosophical about "The Biggest Loser" ???

You both tie for the prize!

Dolf said...


You sir are obviously the "biggest loser" when it comes to mental capabilities. It is quite obvious that there are *three* guys waxing philosophical and *not* two as you so stupidly mentioned.

Good day!

wtf??? said...

is this a gay chat board?

Dolf said...


First of all this is a blog not a "chat board". Since you are most likely writing from Appalachia and you are new to this whole "computer thing", I will forgive this ignorance.

As to the sexual orientation of this "chat board", why don't you ask your dad about it? He's a frequent visitor. However in these parts he is known as "Natasha".

And while you are at it, why don't you ask your Mom what it feels like to be in "The Dolf Zone".

wtf??? said...



Call it what you want. Any 2 males conversing back and forth about "jay and mark" and "bernie and curtis" on a game show called the Biggest Loser has gave undertones. And overtones.

BTW...my dad is gay, confirming some of my suspicions.


Good Day

Dolf said...

I am pretty sure WTF is from CSG! My guess is KPC or CWG! Maybe BE although he says he doesn't post... You've been outed so to speak!

Dolf said...

Actually it could also be MD or JK... Both of you have sufficient wit. However, the only one out of all of you who might be up at 5:43am in the morning is MD and maybe KPC... I say MD!