Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dolf Zone Pick / Dexter

Thanks to the writer's strike, I had a chance to watch Season 1 of Showtime's Dexter. I loved it! Violent, dark, quirky and funny with a side of social commentary. Just my kind of show! I can't wait for Season 2 to come out on DVD.


MattyP said...

Your sister and I decided to rent the first season of Dexter this weekend. Unfortunately we were careless and picked up discs 3&4.


Julie said...

Your brilliant sister (me) rented Season 1 at Blockbuster - only to realize I grabbed disks 3 and 4, not 1 and 2, b/c BB put a LABEL over the sign!!! But we're excited to see it :)

Dolf said...

JuJu and MP,

I am sure the good people at Blockbuster will accommodate you. Or you can buy it for $19.99 at Best Buy!

The only bad thing is that Season 2 is still not out! Hopefully it will be ready for summer.

I think you'll like it. It's violent but not *super* violent.

Wrecking Machine said...

Tiffany and I just finished the first season, and what a fantastic show. We got hooked watching the scaled down CBS version, and decided waiting for the conclusion was not an option.

BTW, Season 2 is readily available from the same source where I acquired Season 1. And it all fits on 1 DVD, so no worries there.

Dolf said...

Machine, how convenient! Can you share the name of the *STORE* where you acquired this (apparently) very special version of Dexter???

I knew you would like this show. Wouldn't it be great if there was a *real* Dexter out there taking out the trash?