Friday, April 18, 2008

Dolf Zone Pick / Guitar Hero III

I held off buying Guitar Hero III because I am a real guitar player. Or at least I used to be... Nonetheless, I am quite thrilled that my sister and brother-in-law decided to get me GH3 for my birthday. GH3 is instantly addictive... I love it! Luckily it's available on every current platform. Buy it now!


Wrecking Machine said...

It's about f-ing time. Now you'll finally have something interesting to talk about on The Dolf Zone.

When you get to it, have fun with the Medium to Hard transition. Much more difficult than the Hard to Expert transition.

Dolf Baslerillo said...

Did you get it for the Wii or the 360?

Dolf said...

Thanks Machine... I am glad I finally stumbled on a topic of interest. Are you sure you don't want some more HD DVD vs. Blu-ray???

Basler, I got the Wii version.

Wrecking Machine said...

If you have a 360, why would you get it for the Wii instead? 360 has DLC (downloadable content), and Wii does not.

Dolf said...

From Wired... Wii games will soon be able to download add-on content, said Nintendo project leader Takashi Aoyama at Game Developers Conference.

DLC has been a big part of Microsoft's and Sony's online business, but Nintendo has thus far not allowed games to have downloadable add-on content on Wii. For example, the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3 doesn't currently let you download new songs.

But at his address at GDC this morning, Aoyama said that Nintendo will, in the near future, allow Wii owners to use Wii Points (purchased with a credit card transaction online or on cards in stores) to buy add-on content for games. He said that add-on contents would also be available for disc-based games as well as WiiWare downloadable titles.

Dolf said...

Machine, did you play *all the way* through on each difficulty level?

I am zipping through Easy pretty quickly. Should I jump to Medium? Or am I better off playing each level of difficulty all the way through?

Wrecking Machine said...

I stopped playing Easy halfway through because I was bored. I played all the way through Medium on GH3 before jumping to Hard, but jumped directly to Hard when I played GH2 and GH1.

I hit some blocks when I was playing through Hard, but the best method around that was to:

a) Start playing on Expert until you hit a block, then return to Hard. Changes are, if you got stuck at Tier 6 on Hard, you can make it to Tier 4 on Expert. What you learned playing on Expert will help you on your return to Hard.
b) Play a different GH

Dolf said...

thanks! i will check out Medium and see what it's like tonight. l8r, D