Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Story

Paul Potts, a rather plain looking store manager from Carphone Warehouse, performs at last year's Britain's Got Talent.

This is the kind of story we need on American Idol. I do not support giving out Idol spots to contestants who have previously held recording contracts or development deals (Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, etc.) You had your chance and you BLEW it! I want to see undiscovered talent. As for Paul, yes he won. He has since had a hit album and single and is now in the middle of a world tour.

Thanks to junior contributor MD for the submission.


wtf??? said...

Is this a joke...a fat brit with bad teeth singing opera?

I would rather watch a 24 hour commercial-free Real Loser marathon with Dolf while listening to KISS' Rock n Roll Over.

Refreshing my arse!

Dolf said...


Sorry, but not every band or performer can be as good as your favorites such as "Haircut 100" and Matthew Wilder.

Dolf said...

Behold the power of the Dolf Zone... Both contestants that I mentioned appear in the bottom three and one of them is actually eliminated.