Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amazon Unbox HD for Tivo!

Huge news for those with high definition Tivos. In an interview with TV Week, Jim Denney, VP of product marketing at Tivo, announced that Amazon's Unbox service will soon offer HD downloads for HD Tivo users. I will have more on this story as details emerge.

With the XBox 360, Apple TV, and now Tivo all possessing the ability to download HD content, it looks like Sony's Blu-ray is going to have a very difficult time.


GW said...

Is very good news. My only concern would be download times. If I transfer an HD show from one Tivo to another, it can take a looooong time. Downloading an entire movie online, that could be 4 or 5 hours - easily.

Dolf said...

That's true... Luckily, you can order on Amazon's site and have the download begin immediately. Thus, if you are planning a movie night on Friday, you can order a new release at lunch time and it should be ready to go by the time you want to watch it Friday evening.