Thursday, October 02, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Error!

If anyone out there is getting the following error in Photoshop Elements please let me know! It is driving me insane! I'd be really interested to know if you SOLVED the problem.

There was a problem with your Internet connection. Please check that a firewall is not blocking Photoshop Elements from accessing the Internet and that you have an Internet connection.

Every time I try to upload an album to Kodak Gallery I am getting this error. I am just about ready to abandon this program for Picasa. The only thing keeping me in the game is the on-the-fly red eye correction. I have had prior misfortune with Elements (on my old XP laptop) when one day it simply refused to launch... even after uninstalling and upgrading to a new version. George is getting angry!

P.S. I am running Vista Ultimate! I chuckle to myself every time I say Vista Ultimate...


guh-bard said...

From :

You can try refreshing online services from Organizer under Edit->Preferences, Adobe partner Services. Check if your correct location is chosen there. try refresh and other appropriate settings as per your need.

Dolf said...

Thanks Guh-bard! I was going crazy messing with the firewall and port settings!

I had hit clear settings but never hit the refresh online services.

You've put a year back on to my life.

My Vista machine finally do everything my old XP laptop did. A big day for both of us! ;)

Dolf said...

Khaaaaaaaaaannnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! The error is back along with a new and more severe one. I hate machines...